How long does the apprenticeship last?

The Revenues and Welfare Benefits Practitioner Apprenticeship that we provide has a typical duration of between 12 and 18 months. Support will be provided for a minimum of 12 months should not exceed 18 months. However, we will always be flexible and appreciate that circumstances may occur and change during the course of the apprenticeship.

What support does Mighty Oak provide to the apprentice?

Mighty Oak will make sure that each apprentice is given the best possible chance to succeed. Much of the desire and drive must come from the apprentice themselves; however, we will provide the supervision and assistance to ensure that momentum and focus are maintained.

  • Every apprentice will be allocated a mentor; this person will support them throughout the apprenticeship. The mentor will be responsible for the welfare of the apprentice and will be their first port of call for any issues and concerns regarding their programme and, in conjunction with the employer, we will help in the development of the apprentice and to ensure they are on track,
  • We will assist apprentices in building relationships especially if they are inexperienced in the workplace. 
  • We advocate the use of coaching and mentoring to encourage the development of the apprentice’s skills, knowledge and ability. 
  • We will ensure that the apprentice knows what stage they have reached and whether they are on track. This visualisation of the programme will allow them to evaluate their own progress and take any necessary steps to catch-up and improve. It is important that apprentice takes responsibility for their own progress and doesn’t entirely rely on their mentor.
  • All mentors, working on behalf of Mighty Oak, have supervisory experience gained through previously supporting apprentices in Housing and Property Management, supporting NVQ learners, directly managing staff in a managerial capacity and undertaking training in coaching and mentoring with the Chartered Institute of Personal Development.

What support can you offer to an apprentice with special needs?

Mighty Oak has always adopted an inclusive policy regarding disability. We will provide support and advice to learners with learning difficulties and /or disabilities to enable them to access the programme. As an inclusive provider, we believe in all learners being taught in classes together. However, We also recognise that sometimes this is not always possible and that some learners may need additional support. 

In order to ensure that each apprentice receives the support (and any additional support) that they need, we will:-

  • Assess the apprentice’s ability prior to agreeing their Individual Learning Programme
  • We will help address any learning difficulties by providing the right support as part of the learning programme.  
  • We will provide specialist equipment, access and services to help support learning where required; this could include the use of Dictaphones, access to spellcheckers and braille conversion.
  • We have a trained counselling resource to level 4 diploma level who has extensive face to face and telephone experiencing supporting clients.

What happens if an apprentice doesn't pass the End Point Assessment (EPA)?

If one of the assessment methods are failed, then a discussion with the employer/provider will decide if the assessment should be a resit (which is just to redo it with no further learning) or a retake (following a period of further learning) 

If more than one assessment is failed then a retake of the EPA will be arranged after a period of further learning.

Additional charges will apply for resits.

How quickly will you be able to mobilise?

In normal circumstances, registration and an induction date can be arranged within a month of contract agreement.

Can Mighty Oak provide any help with advertising for and recruiting apprentices?

Yes, we have access to advertise apprenticeship positions with the National Apprenticeship service.
In our experience employers prefer to carry out recruitment themselves, however we can assist if required.



Does Mighty Oak have a complaints policy?

Yes, Full details can be found here


Complaints Policy 2019 (pdf)


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