Mighty Oak Training

Mighty Oak Training is an approved provider on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers

(RoAPT) and offer training services for the Level 4 Revenues and Welfare Benefits Practitioner


What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a job with training. It enables someone to develop and demonstrate the

knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to perform effectively in their job role. Apprentices have

a contract of employment and are employees of the organisation which take them on. They must be

paid at least the appropriate rate of the minimum wage for the duration of their apprenticeship,

although many employers pay more.

What are the entry/eligibility requirements?

The apprentice will need to meet the following criteria; 

  • Apprentices will need to be employed in a relevant job role for the duration of the apprenticeship.
  • The apprentice will need to have gained functional skills level 2 (or equivalent) in English and Maths. Apprentices, who have not yet reached this level, will need to attain this prior to their end point assessment.
  • The employer must agree to 20% off-the-job learning for each apprentice. We will assist each apprentice in keeping a log of the training they receive.

The level 4 Revenues and Welfare Benefits Practitioner Apprenticeship is suitable for new staff or existing staff learning new skills.

How are apprentices trained?

Here at Mighty Oak Training, the emphasis is on face to face learning. We offer up to 24 days onsite

to work with apprentices.

We use a variety of blended training techniques to supplement face to face training to make the

learner experience the best we can possibly make it. Some of the tools we use include workbooks,

projects, work based, discussions, coaching and eLearning. We will ensure that each individual

programme is varied and interesting. The training plan will ensure that all elements of the standard

have been addressed and that apprentices are prepared for end point assessment at the end of their


Each training plan will be devised in complete partnership with the employer.

How is the training paid for?

Levy paying employers will be able to draw on levy funding to pay for apprenticeship training. The

funding band maximum for the Level 4 Revenues and Benefits Welfare Practitioner Apprenticeship is

set at £7,000*

For training to be eligible, 20% of the training must be off the job. Our model along with employer

provided training will meet this.

*Additional funding is available for 16-19 year olds and also for functional skills learning.

Why choose us?

We feel that we distinguish ourselves from other providers through our emphasis on personal

contact and creating individual training plans to meet the organisations objectives. We will establish

close communication with apprentices from the outset and maintain this throughout their

apprenticeship. Apprentices will always have a route to initiate conversation.

End point assessment preparation will form a very important element of the plan and as an

approved EPA organisation for this apprenticeship, we are well placed to set up and guide the

apprentice through a mock assessment.

We are an established vocational qualification provider in Revenues and Benefits with a success rate

of 95%