Mighty Oak Training

Mighty Oak is an approved End Point Assessment Organisation and can offer assessment for the

Level 4 Revenues and Welfare Benefits Practitioner Apprenticeship.

What is an End-Point Assessment (EPA)?

All apprentices have to complete an end-point assessment to complete their qualification. The EPA is

designed to test whether each apprentice has gained the skills, knowledge and behaviours outlined

in the standard to prove they have the ability to do the job they have been training for.

End point assessment must be provided by an approved and independent organisation. The training

provider cannot be the end point assessment for the apprenticeship it has provided training for.

What is required to pass the Revenues and Welfare Benefits apprenticeship?

There are three parts to the end point assessment

  1. A presentation of real time cases
  2. A project based on the appeals process
  3. A professional discussion

See the link below for a full description of what is required and the scoring process.


Why choose us?

Our assessors have vast experience is supporting and mentoring learners and making unbiased


Our assessors are occupationally competent and have worked or continue to work in the sector


We have a robust quality assurance process for all assessment activities.